An open letter to David Wright MP.

Dear David Wright,

As both a Labour Party member and a constituent of yours there’s a matter I’d like you to clear up.

I’ve raised this matter at local branch meetings and have still been unable to get a satisfactory answer.

On your Twitter feed, you posted a comment saying that “you can put lipstick on a scum-sucking pig, but it’s still a scum-sucking pig.” I followed the #nevervotedtory hash-tag with interest and amusement on twitter, some of it was beautiful satire, some of it was little more than school playground bullying.

I’ve awaited a clear explanation of what happened surrounding this incident but now, five months on, I’m still left with more questions than answers. I’ve always been interested in the claim that your Twitter feed was hacked into. You’ve still not provided a credible explanation for it.

I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

If you did not make the comments, who did?
There are many twitter accounts that are run on behalf of other people who may be too busy or too famous to run their own account. If someone else was running your twitter account at the time there’s no shame in that but being open and honest with your followers would have been better.

I noted with interest that you’d reported the hacking into your account to Twitter. What was their response regarding this incident?

I understand your reluctance to return to twitter given the media storm around your comments, it’d be nice to have updates from my MP on twitter, it’d be even nicer to have answers to these questions. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Whitehouse.

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