58 days to go!

The book buying ban only has 58 days to go.

The end is in sight!

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2 Responses to 58 days to go!

  1. Tracy Seeley says:

    I can mail you some books if you’re desperate–I hate to see a reader suffer…. When the ban is up (soon, soon), what will you buy first?

  2. Ben W says:

    Tracy, that’s very kind of you. I’ve been rediscovering books that delight me on my home bookshelf. The ban is up in 43 days. There’s a few books I’m drawn to first: The Passage- Justin Cronin (I want to see what the fuss is about plus it’s apocalyptic AND vampires); When Prophecy Fails – Elliot Aronson (Sounds like an interesting story) and Half the Sky – Nicholas D. Kristof (read a moving review of it this morning in the Guardian).

    My Mum keeps challenging me to go for a whole year without buying new books, I’m toying with it but we’ll see.

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