Off to Greenbelt or Why I’m Excited.

It’s here again. The year has rolled away under my feet and each step is a step closer to Greenbelt 2010.

Feels like yesterday I was regrouping after last year’s festival silently vowing never to coordinate the literature programme again but secretly wanting another crack at programming and curating a strand of this diverse, knotty and wonderful festival.

 This year lots of lessons have been learnt from last year. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and this year I’ve been painfully aware of what’s not happened or as a deadline goes whooshing by or someone emails me unexpectedly and brings me back with a bump to reality.

As Little Red Riding Hood sings in Sondheim’s classic Into The Woods I’m “excited and scared”. (More excited than scared but I’d be a liar for omitting the scared bit)

Stuff I’m excited about at Greenbelt:

1) Seeing Francis Spufford speak on Saturday. His books are wonderful, expansive and personal. Like Jasper Fforde last year, it was a bit of a selfish booking to make but I’m certain he’ll blow the audience of the festival away. He’ll be speaking about “The Child That Books Built” and “I may be some time“. He’s also got a new book out- Red Plenty (there’s also a lovely Deleted Scenes Director’s Commentary website thing:

2) Beverley Knight- Really looking forward to seeing Beverley on Sunday night on the mainstage. I’ve made a conscious effort to book stuff into the weekend that isn’t someone expanding an idea to me. I talk about Music connecting to me spiritually but have heard a criminally small amount of music at the festival’s over the past few years. It’s a music and arts festival Ben! MUSIC and arts.

3) Andrew Tate- Friday, (Sunday with me at the book club) and Monday. Andrew is impossibly cool. (I’ve probably said that before but it’s worth saying again) He’s like the cleverest, coolest kid in Sixth Form when you arrived at Secondary School. He’s got great taste in books and I can’t wait to hear what he thought of The Bridge of San Luis Rey at the bookclub on Sunday. Bring on the llamas!

4) Seeing people. As I’m a rubbish friend and generally self obsessed Greenbelt is a great chance to catch up with people I’ve not seen for ages and also to make new friends. Sorry Mark, Adrian, Chris for being rubbish at keeping in touch.

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