Assume the brace position.

“I saw Greenbelt on the news” my workmate two seats down from me tells me, “It looked nice”. I grunt something that sounds like a positive noise. I’ve only been here fifteen seconds before she decides to tell me this.

I’ve read a number of people saying that Greenbelt feels like new year. I liked Hannah Kowszun’s description of it being the “Alpha and Omega of the year”.  (She was ill at Greenbelt this year, and boy, did she look rough. Beautiful, witty and wonderful but rough. She was the token woman to my token gay at Greenbelt 09 discussing the worst bible verses. It was just as fun as you imagine it. Well… Hannah and I enjoyed it.)

Anyway, the Alpha and Omega of the year, the point around which the whole of my year now appears to swing. You know that feeling you get on the first of January where you have to prop your eyes open, you just want everyone to go away and leave you alone. Yeah, I have that. I’m all talked out (but not, it seems, blogged out).

Greenbelt is a feast for the senses and the soul, it’s a beautiful mad mess of ideas, theologies and people (and lots of flags). So I guess that today is my sugar crash back into reality. Early start, meagre breakfast (I’ve been having full English breakfasts in my hotel), half drunk tea and a commute from Telford to Birmingham.

I have flapjack, cola and white chocolate fingers. I have music loaded onto my ipod. Leave me alone. I’ll be alright in a couple of days.

Happy new year.

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