Get Ready to Shout! 2010

It’s hard to believe that Shout (Birmingham’s festival of Queer Culture) is back again. It’s been a whole year since the last one. Where does the time go etc?

Here are my top tips for the festival (and it looks like they’ve been trawling my dreams for ideas, lots of really good stuff on the programme)

Tina C is back and I couldn’t be happier! Tina C grew up in white trash poverty but has proved that being a country singer isn’t a barrier to your asipirations. She ran for president in 2008 (but lost to Obama, he had the backing of the Black Eyed Peas so was sure to win).

Sarah Kane: a life. This should be a really interesting exploration about her life and work. Her plays hit just at the moment “in yer face” theatre was at its height in the late 90’s- Blasted, Skin, Crave and 4:48 Psychosis. Her plays started out with quite a formal structure but as play followed play they became more experimental, more fluid in their interpretation. She studied at Birmingham University which for me is a lovely link to the plays I studied/performed at University.

Stella Duffy. Stella Duffy is a great writer, awesome improviser and generally seems like a good person to be around. As a bookish person I’m really interested in hearing what she’s got to say about her work.

Matt Smith (not The Doctor). The festival bills this as “Matt Smith will be casting a queer eye over the museum, rearranging objects and producing new work to uncover, draw out – and on occasion wilfully invent – the hidden stories in the Museum’s collections.” Story telling, BMAG, wilfully inventing things- good times!

The panel discussion: Is Faith Toxic for Queers? should be really lively, enlightening and worth being part of. I’ve a feeling Chris Dowd and Journey MCC will be a welcome part of this discussion.

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