Ten days and counting…

I’ve just ten days left of my six month book buying ban.

What have I learnt?

I substituted my book buying habit into a music buying habit. Tapping “buy” on itunes is far too easy.

The hardest parts were the first few days and these last few days. The temptation to load up my amazon basket has been great.

People are VERY generous. I’ve had people thrust books into my hands all through the ban, had people offer to take money off me and buy a book when I looked really shaky. Death on the Nile for my trip to Egypt and Consider Phlebas at Greenbelt were welcome and wonderful moments. It was weird and wonderful having people be so generous.

My local library is a wonderful place. The moments where I really wanted a book fix I’d pop online for my local library catalogue and see what was close to the fix I needed. Generally they’ve had the books I want and when they don’t I suggest they get it. Sometimes that works, sometimes not.

So… ten days to go and the ban is lifted. I will celebrate the lifting of the ban by buying Douglas Coupland‘s new novel “Player One” which is published in early October. (Very very excited about it)

Once I’ve got that I’m going to throw the ban back on again. I’ll go back to only reading free books on my iphone, library books, free books donated to me to review, and, of course, gifts. That’s still a healthy amount of books flowing into my life just not a monthly stream of books I don’t read, which was the initial point of the book buying ban.

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