“Sorry we can’t deliver your post, there’s too much machinery around”

I’ve got an ongoing complaint with Royal Mail about the infrequent and haphazard approach to the delivery of my post.

We don’t get daily delivery. At best we get mail every three days or so.

Raised a complaint in August about it. They said they’d look into it. They come back saying:

“the Delivery Office came back to us and said it may be due to health and Safety reasons as your property is on a new development and there is a lot of machinery around.”

Yes, I live on a new development, sorry about that. Yes, there’s construction machinery on site but nowhere near the completed properties on Ellens Bank and Lightmoor Way. How do you think I get to work every day? Climb over a digger? Fight my way through barrels? No. Mike drives the car across the block paving car park, along the tarmaced road to the Wellington Road and takes me to Wellington Station. The roads aren’t choked with construction materials or machinery.

If our twelve year old Newspaper Girl can deliver the Shropshire Star every day without any hassle, surely our post person can too?

Besides, BVT wouldn’t allow us to live in the middle of a building site. Health and safety wouldn’t permit it.

In the spirit of being helpful and fixing a problem I’m more than happy, and in fact, would welcome the chance to meet with staff from the Tweedale delivery office on Ellens Bank or Lightmoor Way at a time convenient to them to inspect what they consider to be health and safety issues to the delivery staff so these issues can be relayed to BVT and their construction partners.

##  UPDATE  ##

Royal Mail have responded saying that the machinery issue doesn’t exist any more but relates to a time before the complaint I raised. (Not sure how it’s relevant… I’ve asked them to look again into the delivery issues as we’re still getting intermittent deliveries.)

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