This is the last…

Don’t worry. I’m not giving up writing my blog, I need somewhere to let ideas trickle out into the world on an infrequent basis and document my somewhat frustrating relationship with life.

Yesterday Russell Davies words about endings rattled around in my head as I was listening to Clogs (ft Matt Beringer) sing about this being their “last song”.

The internet means never having to say “The End”. Though, of course, that sense of endlessness is just as illusionary on the web as it is everywhere else. […] So maybe as our experience of digital life matures we need to write more endings.

I got to thinking about Lasts:

Last Dance. Last Chance. Last Kiss. Last Goodbye. Last Words. Last Days.

If you knew your last words were going to be your last words you’d choose carefully. Same for last conversations, events etc. You’d want them to be extra special.

If this were my last blog post I’d want it to be a corker.

I’m not trying to be morbid or death obsessed (again) but just considering various angles on this idea.

What if you had only one blog post left, one tweet, one conversation, one festival?

Like the Wise Sage Davies says… endings are important.

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2 Responses to This is the last…

  1. David Bunce says:

    Not necessarily lasts, but I know one Spanish University professor (Unamuno) ousted from office under Primo de Riviera started the first lecture after the collapse of the dictatorship and his subsequent reinstatement with the words “so as we were saying last time”. So I guess even our last words can be picked up on again!

    • Ben W says:

      That’s a nice little story. And interesting that words you intend as your last might not actually be your last words.

      Being involved with WxWM (West By West Midlands, a local response to being grumpy about not going to SXSW) which happened three times, it certainly felt like each time was a sort-of continuation of the previous session. The first one I thought my talk was about telling stories online, which it was, but my talk explored some of my obsession with death and dying and how that plays out online. The second WxWM was the birth of failcamp (an idea which also failed). The third, I talked about how every contact leaves a trace and how I’d make a rubbish quaker.

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