The BT Race to Infinity

This is one of those Good News Bad News situations.

Good news: BT’s Race to Infinity is giving internet users across the country the chance to campaign for faster broadband in their area. Brilliant. Apparently the way the competition is structured means that London won’t automatically win (Good news for us in Shropshire!). I’m totally behind this competition and am hoping that I can get the vote out in Horsehay and Lightmoor. I want to at least be in the running to win.

I wrote to the Shropshire Star when OFCOM announced that it was forcing BT to allow competitors access to their pipes and wires. Competition within the Broadband market can only be a good thing. Get voting for your local exchange to be included.

Bad News: I fully support what BT are doing with the race to infinity, so much so I signed up to be a local campaigner. However I was one of the 900 or so people who had their personal details sent round a group of strangers in an email by PR company Porter Novelli. BT have responded saying that they’re sorry someone “messed up” and it was an agency that did the messing. The PR Agency Porter Novelli (No, I’ve never heard of them before) has said it’s working with BT to ensure “every step is taken” to deal with the situation. I’m doubting that they’ll get fined by the ICO or anyone will lose their job. I think the ICO needs to come down hard a couple of times for companies to really get the message about it.

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