Day 03 – a song that makes you happy: Ingrid Michaelson- The Chain (live from Webster Hall)

(Yes, I know that I’ve skipped Day 2. Day two will come later…)

This song makes me impossibly happy. It’s both the form and the content.

Partly it’s the first line: “The sky looks pissed..” Any song that kicks off like that gets my vote.

I also like that it speaks of the possibility of redemption and being subject to one another. I like the idea of promising “not to promise any more”; it’s far too easy to promise things to people and not mean it. I also like the notion of awaiting the return of someone you care about so you’ll “take the chain from off the door”. It’s a sweet gesture of absolute trust. I like the idea that someone feels safe enough to leave the chain off the door, it shows trust in the world and a faith that the world won’t come and break in and also faith that the person being sung to will come home.

I like the prominence of the cello in the song. Such a sad sounding instrument that has a texture like brown corduroy.

My real sublime happiness with the song comes from it being a round. It taps into the part of my brain that likes to hit repeat on a song I love. Back round we go to the start and feel those feelings again. Three voices singing the same thing round and round and overlapping and blending.

Makes me smile every time.

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