Sometimes in my job I get to talk to people involved in advertising. They’re usually trying to sell stuff to my employer and I get to play in goal preventing the footballs of idiocy reaching my boss.

I adore some of the verbal leaps they’ll make when chatting on the phone to try and make you more interested in buying whatever it is they’re selling.

Today’s conversation brought up two little gems that had me smiling as we were talking.

1: The construction industry is going though a downturn at the moment and a really glossy spread about your project will show that the construction industry isn’t… er.. what’s the word? Not Dead.

I think the word he was grasping for was “alive”.

Then after rubbishing a construction project in Cornwall as being “boring” he said that he was interested in a Performing Arts College project because

performing arts is a really hot topic at the moment. It’s interesting because of Glee.

That really made me smile. I know Glee is the all encompassing meta-narrative of our generation but there are limits.

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