Popular Search Terms

Every once in a while I pause and look at the search terms that got people to the blog. Some of them are funny “met a millionaire now what?”, “stories about how to rummage thou charity shops” or “what the name of grey/white birds which you can find on trafalger square” (Pigeons in case you were wondering).

Some are faintly disturbing “does brum make ice cream from women milk” (I’m guessing my usage of the word Brum and the title of the blog mean I pop up the rankings). One or two searches are scary as they use my home address or my phone number (which I don’t give out too much). There’s questions about certain friends that pop up: Are they a lesbian? Are they dead? (No and No)

A lot of the previous Greenbelt content I’ve booked/mentioned means that people get redirected here, which is lovely for me but not great for them.

The top searches are for some of the pictures embedded on the blog. Cartoon characters, kids tv shows and numbers. Obviously I’d like people to be searching for “Horsehay and Lightmoor” or “Whitehouse for Horsehay and Lightmoor” and find me, we’ll get there.

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