Micro Story- The Sailor Song.

My family has a history of being all at sea and, as such, regards me as something of a Black Sheep. I was always drawn away from the docks towards gentler pursuits- silks, ruffles and ribbons. I would dress in cloak and mask and would stand on cobbles outside Music Halls with eyes closed drinking in sound of songs drifting on the salty air. These were not pursuits approved of, not to be indulged. I would content myself with only the merest whisper of a song brushing my lips in the depths of a ship at the dead of night.

(One Hundred words, minus the title. This Micro was inspired by the delightful @lawrencemills on twitter. As an aside I love that WordPress automagically suggests that I should put a picture of Vaudville artist Hetty King on this blog post. Bless you WordPress!)

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