Day 05: a song that reminds you of someone

After Hours (We Are Scientists song)

Image via Wikipedia

Ignore the slightly odd video for the We are Scientists Track “After Hours“. Focus on the music instead.

Day 5 of my 30 days of music requires me to pick a song that reminds me of someone.

This song reminds me of Lorna Parsons. (Again I remind you to ignore the odd video with the dog. The video is new to me today and I feel a bit weird connecting that video to my friend Lorna who is awesome)

The song is in my head under the heading “Friday Night Music” (which is where The Real Tuesday Weld’s Last Words fits too) which must make Lorna a Friday Night Person because every time I hear the song she pops into my head.

(What follows here is an utterly unreliable history of how I know Lorna treat it with caution as it may be entirely fabricated by my brain)

My first connection with Lorna was through twitter. I was aware of the #lornaisawesome hashtag floating around and I think I asked who was behind it/who was being celebrated. Then I think I found out that this Awesome Lorna was @editorialgirl’s sister. @editorialgirl= funny/awesome therefore sibling just has to be equally funny/awesome. Followed @lornaparsons = lots of win.

I think that’s how it happened. Can’t be sure. That’s a nice version if it’s true.

Here’s my list of true facts about Lorna.

Lorna Fact One: She’s awesome.

Lorna Fact Two: She’s married.

Lorna Fact Three: She works in an architect’s practice and for MADE.

Lorna Fact Four: She’s EditorialGirl’s Sister.

Lorna Fact Five: She likes Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

(And I think those five facts are enough)

Since then Lorna is an absolutely essential part of my twitter feed on all things architectural and general ephemera. We both share a love of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (which is where I first collided with WAS LO).

Chatting to Lorna on the phone recently she said that I bring out her “giggly side”. That makes me really proud.

Lorna is awesome.

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