Will the “real” Lightmoor please stand up

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Last night I went to the PACT meeting for Dawley Hamlets. It’s great that so many different agencies can get together in one room and hear directly from local residents. The Police, housing trust and parish council (Dawley Hamlets but not Ironbridge) were all represented. (Must confess to being a little disappointed to see that Bournville Village Trust weren’t represented at the meeting)

I won’t go into all the issues raised at the meeting but one or two comments really stood out for me.

Cllr Andy Chetwood from Dawley Hamlets Parish Council was talking about the various areas covered by the PACT partnership. Dawley Hamlets, Aqueduct, Little Dawley, Doseley, Lawley and Lightmoor or “the real Lightmoor” as he put it. He then followed his comment up by saying “not…” and he gestured around the room. I got quite angry at this attitude as it’s something I’ve seen from Dawley Hamlets Parish Council. There’s a real Them and Us attitude to the growing community in Lightmoor.

If you search my post code on the Royal Mail Address Finder  it doesn’t give my address as Lightmoor Green or Lightmoor Village it gives it as just Lightmoor. All my post comes address with Lightmoor, Telford. In my head I think of myself as living in Lightmoor. I’d be interested to be given a tour by Andy Chetwood of the “Real Lightmoor”. (There’s also a little part of my brain that’s quite happy to be living in the Unreal Lightmoor, it corresponds with Uncertain Eastside)

Another of the Dawley Hamlets Parish Councillors, Geraldine King, argued bitterly against the PACT meeting happening in Lightmoor Primary School. One of the Local Police Officers, Jennifer Nally, eloquently argued back that meetings had been held at Horsehay Village Hall and only three or four residents had attended and with some of the other activities in the village hall it was hard to hear what was going on. (At last night’s meeting there were fifteen or sixteen people in the purpose built community centre)

I welcome the PACT meetings happening in Lightmoor, it’s on the very edge of the Horsehay and Lightmoor borough boundary, our community gets cut in half by the Dawley Hamlets Parish boundary. Plus there are surgeries organised across the borough and at various times of day. (Check the PACT website for more info)

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