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Got to Dance

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I enjoy watching the Sky1 programme Got to Dance. I’m not, however, a fan of Street Dance or Irish Dancing. One of my friends asked on twitter: Why the hell are you watching GTD?

That, it seems, is a very good question.

Let me caveat the discussion part of this post by saying I made the mistake of getting into a debate with Phillipa on twitter, I’m sure she’s lovely but . (Her twitter bio says: Philippa 17 🙂 Studying Music, Psychology and Spanish at school, I love my life and Performing Arts, life wouldn’t be the same without it ♥The Wanted!♥) Yeah. I know, not one of my best moves.

I tweeted that I was over Dance Dynamix (one of the groups) and it was starting to look a little desperate with the lead dancer/teacher/inspiration, Nazene in her second year of applying. Last year she entered three or four groups and got through with her group. I don’t think much has developed from last year to this, change of costume, couple new lifts. She’s still at the front making the whole thing about her. She said in the VT on Sunday evening that she’d been given another chance and doubted that she’d be given a third.

Clearly Phillipa wasn’t happy with my comments (and to be honest I had no disagreement when I’d first voiced this to Mike while we were watching the show).

I’m sorry Nazene is the BEST DANCER in the whole group I’m drawn to her she deserves to be at the front

 Thinking about it GTD only allows three minutes to the groups performing so favours the punchy, high energy hip hop/crowd pleasing street dance/group dance. Although there are dancers who got through last year and this performing modern contemporary dance.

Phillipa commented that:

I can’t stand it when people slag off PROPERLY TRAINED DANCERS for getting through! They deserve a place unlike other groups….

I have danced, I wouldn’t say I was a “PROPERLY TRAINED DANCER” (why it needs caps…?) but I’ve performed in dance pieces/physical theatre. It’d be weird to have to wave my CV under her nose to make a point but I’ve directed dance & theatre in the past and have reached a very different view about my own involvement with performance as a teacher/director. Yes, Nazene has skills and she deserves credit for it but when you’re in the position of leading a dance school and entering a competition with your own students… it gets a bit weird. (Weird like Mr Schu in Rocky Horror in Glee)

She needs to step back & separate her own ambitions from the group she teaches. It’s an odd dynamic which the VT with her dancers/students talked about. The majority of her group are younger than her (and I thought she was older than she is).

I asked Phillipa if she, was by any chance, a dancer.

Yes I am so I know what I’m on about. Nazene is AMAZING and the best dancer therefore she should be at the front BYE BYE

That’s where the discussion ended but my brain carried on whirring and I needed to blog about it.

When I was teaching I’d use Teacher In Role as a way of teaching through drama but I’d also teach students about drama, the form, the structure and how it works. When it came to exam time I’d offer advice to the GCSE or A Level groups but I’d never say “And I’ll take the role of Azdak” or audition for their show. My role with the group needs to be different.

Maybe it’s just me that finds the dynamic weird?

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