The 100 favourite fictional characters… as chosen by 100 literary luminaries

This is an old post from the Independent that I stumbled across this morning.

A couple of lovely examples stand out.

God Chosen by Michael Marshall (The Lonely Dead)Polymorphic, unpredictable, unaccountable; omnipotent yet negligent, kind yet vicious. Suitable to any genre or period. Able to hold centre stage in plot, or work subtly in deep background. Never requires a deus ex machina. A character you can immerse yourself in, forever.

 Paddington Bear Chosen by Liz Thomson (editor of Publishing News)At forty-something, I still believe even the grizzliest grizzly wears a duffle coat and squashy hat and enjoys a marmalade sandwich. Today he’d be repatriated as an asylum-seeker, but I’ve no doubt Paddington’s done much to help the cause of his real-life ursine relatives.

 I’m shocked they’ve not contacted me since I’ve taken on the Literature coordination role at Greenbelt to ask me my opinion.

What’s my favourite fictional character?

I must confess I’m a huge fan of Miss Marple from the Agatha Christie novels. She’s waspish, sharp, clever and always on the ball. She veils herself behind the exterior of the mild mannered old lady but she’s anything but.

(Marple: yes. Poirot, not as much. He’s a bit too pompous and all knowing. Although I do like where David Suchet is taking the character in the remakes on TV. Murder on the Orient Express was a delight over Xmas.)

I’m also a fan of the character Dagmar “Dag” Bellinghausen from Generation X: Tales for an accelerated  culture by Douglas Coupland. He’s a former office worker and obsessed with the possibility of nuclear war. He tells a haunting “I was there was the bomb went off” story to Andy and I fell in love with him then.

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