Shrewsbury Pink Picnic

After talking on BBC Shropshire radio on Friday to Jim Hawkins about there needing to be an event in Shrewsbury to celebrate and bring the LGBT community and their family/supporters together I’m going to stick a date in the calendar and see what happens.

I’ve picked Saturday 23rd July 2011 as the first Shrewsbury Pink Picnic.

Everyone will be welcome. I wasn’t thinking of having any specific entertainment lined up, so please bring your own own food, drinks and games. Rounders? Football? Poetry? Storytelling? Guitar? Singing?

I guess all we need now is sunshine for the event.

And somewhere to do it. The Quarry Park? The castle grounds? I’m not hugely familiar with parks in Shrewsbury.

I think it’s a brilliant way to bring the LGBT community, their families and friends together at a free informal event. If this develops further into a full Pride event that’ll be great but lets start with something simple.

On facebook? Add youself to the event page:

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