The Little Bollard That Did

This picture is of the intersection of Corporation Street and Newton Street in Birmingham.

The bollard on the left is new. It never used to be there.

Every day I’d see cars (taxis) pull onto Corporation Street across the pavement. It was dangerous to people walking on the footpath. It’s not an official exit for Newton Street (there are two other bollards) and needed to be reinstated.

So using my trusty i-phone and the fixmystreet ( website I was able to report it as being a problem that needed fixing.

And in a break with tradition in these kinds of story, the problem was fixed swiftly without any argument.

That little bollard was an easy solution. I love the fixmystreet website it’s a great way of being able to directly report things to your local council (or another council if you spot something away from home) but aren’t sure where to report it to.

Telford and Wrekin Council are reluctant to embrace FMS they prefer things to be reported quietly, away from public scrutiny. I’m not sure if there are any brave councils that have integrated the FMS reports onto their website. The transparency would be a breath of fresh air. It’d be something I like to explore if elected for Horsehay and Lightmoor.

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4 Responses to The Little Bollard That Did

  1. Amy Stern says:

    I think you made a good choice by reporting the traffic problem quietly. You got the job done, and now that area is safe. bollards really do help in traffic control as well as for other things. I happen to work for McGraw-Hill. They have lots of information about bollards. You should check it out.

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  3. Dave says:

    Has the website been made into an app yet?

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