World Book Night.

(I keep reading World Book Night as World Boo Knight)

On Saturday 5 March, a million books will be given away across the UK in the first ever World Book Night. I’m one of the lucky people chosen to give away a box of books in my local community.

Toast is one of my favourite books. Nigel Slater writes eloquently about his relationship with food and how the intersection of personal history and foodie has shaped who he’s become. I love that he lightly deals with his own personal sexual awakening. It’s not a big deal, it’s part of who he is but doesn’t define everything of who he is.

I love reading Nigel Slater’s recipe books. I’m not normally into reading cookery books but these are like food pornography. I usually finish reading one of his books and race to the cupboard in the kitchen to see what delights I can rustle up from the book and am met with a wave of disappointment when I realise I don’t have any suitable ingredients in.

I’m hoping to give away copies of the book on Saturday in my local community. Partly to inspire people with Nigel’s love of food and partly to let young LGBT people know that life doesn’t stop when they realise they’re LGBT, they can go on and be anything they want to be- cooks, bureaucrats, theatre professionals, cricketers, ballerinas, fire people, ANYTHING.

For more information about World Book Night visit the website:

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