Protect your right to vote

With local elections and the referendum on the voting system coming up on 5th May, you’re being urged to protect your right to vote by checking you’re on the electoral register if you’ve moved, or have turned 18, during the last six months. A number of houses in the Horsehay and Lightmoor area may not be on the electoral register due to being part of new build communities.

To be eligible to take part in the polls, you must be registered under your current address on the town’s electoral roll before it closes on 14 April.

Polling for both votes will take place, from 7am-10pm. You’re urged to stagger your visits throughout the day to avoid a last-minute rush. So, act now to protect your democratic right to vote, as you may run out of time otherwise.

Call the elections office on 01952 383201 before 14 April to update any changes to your details.

 The link to the Telford and Wrekin council webpage:

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