#GB11 Literature Talks

Here are all the literature talks bundled together in one place. Go buy them all.

Stella Duffy

Adrian Plass

Amy Sackville

Andrew Phillip

Andrew Tate

Deborah Fielding

El Gruer

Jari Moate

Katherine Venn

Mia Gallagher

Nancy Mattson

Nicky Getgood

Padraig O Tuama

Richard Beard

And if you feel so inclined, I took part in a panel discussion, Taking it to the streets. (I think you can hear that I’m quite nervous to start with & then warm up as I realise I’m not going to be stoned to death by the audience)

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2 Responses to #GB11 Literature Talks

  1. Fat Roland says:

    Ben –

    Thanks for this. I wanted to connect a lot more with Greenbelt Lit than I ended up managing this year. I managed most of the GB Writers Network meet-up, although I had to leave early so missed any conclusions that may have arisen from it, and I did about four hours worth of workshops (Mia’s was immense fun).

    If I had caught you at Greenbelt, I would have suggested that the one thing Greenbelt needs is an open mic night of the fiction / poetry / literature kind. I wandered all weekend with my short stories with me and didn’t see much opportunity to read them to anyone. It seems like a wasted opportunity.

    I’m willing to help run / compere an open mic event for next year’s Greenbelt. It would be great fun and a good chance to offer a stage to up-and-coming writers.

    Meanwhile, do keep me updated on the Greenbelt Writers Network. Right then… time to download some talks!

  2. Fat Roland says:

    (Oh and in case you’re wondering who I am, I was the guy that used the ‘wrestling match between a fish and a bicycle’ analogy at the GB Network meeting on the Friday!)

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