Benjitales- an explanation

I’m starting a new ongoing series of blog posts this month. Benjitales.

On Christmas Day evening I noticed that one of the people I follow on twitter was scouting about for a challenge for 2012. I also noticed that @nicktheowl was giving some good suggestions. I wanted a challenge for 2012 and so asked him for something.

He suggested my challenge be to write one chapter of a novel for children each month in 2012. There were some rules: I couldn’t cheat by writing the whole thing in one go and then posting little chunks each, it had to be a truly organic process. I had to post the chapter on the 25th of each month. It had to be 100 words. (I’ve already broken the 100 words rule because Chapter One runs to 600-ish words)

I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo (the write a first draft of a novel in a month) before and dumped it when I realised that I’d just written an extended episode of House with a thinly veiled version of me as the lead character. It was me but I could do Science! I’ve written microfictions on the blog before which I’m really proud of and a couple of them are some of the most popular posts. I’m very excited about where the story has started and where it appears to be heading. You’re more than welcome to join the journey, it’ll be nice to have some company.

I’ve created a twitter account for the whole project: @benjitales

It’s not a burden to follow as it’s not as content heavy as my “normal” twitter account.

It’s been a rich process to engage in. I’ve never written “for children” before and judging by Chapter One of the story I think what I’m writing will be for “Young Adults” (we’ll see, it’s organic and it’s a process). Feel free to follow the Benjitales account and offer support, inspiration and ideas.

I imagine there’ll be lots of questions about process after Chapter One goes live on Thursday.

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