One week to go… (or Wellington Station Car Park Neglect)

I know some of you are waiting for Chapter Two of my as yet unnamed story for young adults and I promise it’s on the way.

I’m playing my own waiting game at the moment.

On the 26th of October 2011 I reported some broken block paving at Wellington Station Car Park. You can see that report here:

That report went to Telford and Wrekin council three minutes later at 18:19.

You’ll see from the Fix My Street report that in December the block paving still hadn’t been fixed. The Wellington rail station car park is owned by Network Rail and leased to Telford & Wrekin Council until 2013. Under  the  terms  of  the  lease  the  Council  is responsible for the railway station car park until the end of the lease period. (See my FOI request to confirm this)

The block paving is broken and God forbid anyone injures themselves at the car park because the council have already been put on notice about the broken paving. They know it’s there, they know it’s a problem and they know they’ve not fixed it. Pretty much an open and shut compensation case right there, I reckon.

The council, without checking the physical status of the car park, shut the report on fix my street. I reopened it. Then popped a FOI request in regarding the processes around my reporting the block paving broken.

As a coda to this post: as of 07:20 this morning the block paving remains dangerously unfixed.

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One Response to One week to go… (or Wellington Station Car Park Neglect)

  1. Ben W says:

    Pleased to report that it looks like the block paving was finally fixed yesterday during the day.

    Still waiting on the FOI request to find out exactly what went wrong.

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