T&W Council re Broken Block Paving.

After waiting several months for the broken block paving at Wellington Station to get fixed and putting in an FOI request earlier in the month to find out about the process of what went wrong with the report being picked up, passed through the council and then where those processes went wrong I get this response from the council:

Following the receipt of the report of damaged block paving in the Wellington Rail Station car park, the site was visited to ascertain what repairs were required. Telford & Wrekin Council’s contractors were then contacted to obtain a quote for these works and other maintenance works in car parks across the Borough.
The repairs at Wellington Station car park were undertaken on Wednesday 29th February

And, no, I’ve not cut their response down, I’ve not edited for the benefit of being snarky or arch. That’s it. No answers to the specific questions I’ve asked. No documentation. No emails. Nothing.

Here’s the link to the full FOI process.


Needless to say, I’ll be making a complaint about this response. There was me thinking I’d finally get this particular monkey off my back.

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