Why I nominated Lightmoor Life blog for a Talk About Local Award.

The Lightmoor Life blog can be found at: http://lightmoorlife.co.uk

Mark launched the blog just over one year ago and both have very quickly become a vital part of the developing community of Lightmoor. Mark heads up the team of writers with a good sense of humour, a deep commitment to reflecting the local community through the blog and a passion to see things move forward in the village. The blog currently has 360 posts and generated nearly 35000 total views and has a daily readership of around 100 views the blog has a reach across the community and into Telford, Shropshire and the rest of the world. (I know there’s a world outside Shropshire but it’s not as beautiful or as inspiring) 😉

The team of bloggers has grown from a one man operation started by Mark to now including five active members of the local community (Jake, Sharon, Christine and Mark) including one parish Councillor (yes, I know that parish councillor is me… but still, that’s quite a unique achievement for a hyperlocal blog).

The site acts as a notice board for events, archive for stories and engine for discussion around pushing the development forward and campaigning that residents want to happen. Minutes of meetings are shared, posters put up, big ideas debated. I have a deep and abiding affection for the community I live in and being part of the team that helps to look back and archive; look around and share and look forward and dream is an honour.

The blog (and the facebook page- go search for Lightmoor Life and then like it) has been a key rallying point that have levered a number of successes including the siting of a new dog poo bin, the commitment to install a Post Box in the village centre and regularly holds local elected officials accountable.

I welcome the scrutiny, accountability and publicity I get as a parish councillor/youth group leader/book club organiser. It’s invaluable to be able to say to people that if you want a little taste of what the village I live in holds dear, what we value as a community and celebrate you can take a look at the blog.

Seriously, add the blog to your RSS feed reader and you’ll get little updates as the growing community celebrates together, looks out for one another and decides what it wants to say about itself. I’m not exactly sure what Mark had in mind when he launched the blog but I think that winning a Talk About Local Award would be a welcome recognition of his hard work and dedication.

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