Chapter Three: Leviticus

Extract from A Visitors Guide to The City.

This short guide is provided for all visitors to the city. It contains practical advice and information to make your stay within the walls of the city enjoyable and to ensure that you respect the rules and laws governing life here.

The elders of the city (also known as The Twelve) would like to welcome you and hope that your stay here is profitable. The Twelve will oversee much that will contribute to your protection during your stay and share a special duty to keep the character of the city in check; not only for today’s residents and visitors but also for generations to come.

Please take time to read this guide and keep it with you for the duration of your stay.

This is a general guide and, obviously, cannot cover all questions you may have. Should you have any questions during your time in the city please feel free to address The Twelve at one of their daily public sessions in the walled gardens of the Tall Tower at the center of the city. These commence shortly after morning prayers and visitors will be received by The Twelve in the order that they step within the walled gardens. Keen eyed visitors will notice that the walled gardens of the Tall Tower are a scale model of the city picked out in flowers, water features and important features. The walled gardens are worth a visit during your time here, they are particularly splendid in the cool of an afternoon.

City History: Our city was established due its unique location on trading routes and the location of a natural spring which feeds four great rivers. The founding fathers and mothers of the city (known locally as The Four) chose the location well as the city has thrived over the following generations. When the first building was completed in the city The Four were visited by a Recording Angel. We’re proud to have only ever had one Recording Angel- Eremiel. Should you meet our Recording Angel in the street please do not be afraid and continue about your way. If you have a particular query regarding the history of the city please direct this to the archivists in the Tall Tower at the center of the city.

The Process: We advise against any attempt to enter or leave the city during The Process as this would breach restrictions imposed on the city. The walls and drains of the city are routinely patrolled and The Twelve cannot accept any responsibility for actions taken in response to an attempted breach. We continue to advise visitors and residents against participating in any activities (convoys, boat flotillas, smuggling etc) that may be construed as attempts to enter or leave the city. Due to the uncertain situation during The Process, we can only advise visitors to enjoy the hospitality of the city and await the glorious coronation celebrations for the new King or Queen.

Many tourists and business travelers visit without incident. Sometimes the security situation within the city can be fragile and it is generally agreed that the city enjoys long periods of calm and balance. Tourist and business travelers are reminded to remain alert and register their visit with The Twelve when they first arrive so that they can contact you in the event of an emergency.

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