Organising a Tweetup

I thought I’d blog a few thoughts & tips on organising a tweetup.

I’ve extensive experience of organising events in Shropshire & in Birmingham. (I also accidental organised tweetups in Oxford but didn’t realise that what I was doing had a proper name)

A tweetup is essentially a group of people meeting at the same place at the same time organised partly through twitter. (Hence the portmanteau name)

1) Pick a time/date
2) Pick a location
3) Tell people 1 & 2.
4) Remind people of 3 every so often.
5) Turn up early to the event.
6) Be welcoming. (You’d be surprised the number of events where people just stick with the people they know. Mix it up a bit)
7) Enjoy yourself. Organising a tweetup shouldn’t be difficult/taxing/stressful. If someone says organising a tweetup is time consuming or difficult is probably a) doing it wrong or b) over thinking it.
8) Converse in phrases more than 140 characters. Conversations are cool and people are awesome.

It’s not rocket science. You can add twiddly bits around the edges like food, music, games etc but the essential bit is people. The event doesn’t have to be huge- I’ve organised tweetups where just one other person turned up & that was just as successful as if hundreds of people turned up. Don’t judge your sense of self-worth by how many people turn up- that way madness lies. As with twitter judge the success of the event by smiles on faces, the quality of the conversation & the bubble of many conversations happening at once.

If you make sure everyone feels welcome & thank them for taking time to come along you’ll probably get them back in the future.

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