My tips for the Manchester Literary Festival.

Patrick Gale & Catherine Hall on the 8th October.

Iain M Banks on the 11th October will be a hot ticket.

Richard Ford on the 12th October.

Unbound Live on the 17th October.

The Uruguayan Lover 18th October- This sort of thing is Benji Catnip. If you ever want to stall me in my tracks: Quote chunks of Lorca at me. I read a biography about him when I was 16. It was exactly the right age for me. The school library was selling off books that hadn’t been taken out and for reasons passing understanding I picked up the book on Lorca, took it to the desk without reading the blurb and stumbled upon a writer who I’d grow to adore, a safe crush to nurture (safe crushes are either the distant or the dead) and someone I’d write about at university.

Ali Smith giving the Manchester Sermon. Good stuff.

OMG. Jeanette Winterson & AM Homes. Together on a stage. Brilliant.

And the only way to end any literary festival: Jonothan Harvey and the Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus.

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