Benji Tales Post 4: Numbers

(This is the chapter that was meant to be published in April. I’m a little behind.)


The Four consist of:

1) The First Queen, she was beautiful and wise. She brokered the contract with the Recording Angel. She is the reason the city was founded and the reason why things function the way they do. Her book on the shelf in the tower contains some of the more turbulent episodes from the history of the city; it also features some of the bravest trading that business leaders have ever seen. She is often invoked by traders in the market when finalising a particularly difficult deal. (eg: “The First Queen would be pleased with our agreement” or “This is a deal that the First Queen watched over”.)

2) The Keen Eyed Flunky that the Queen employed to oversee the duties in the Tall Tower for the duration of her reign. It is the Keen Eyed Flunky that agreed to spending money on creating a library within the walls of the tower. Given the uncertainty of The Process during the earliest days of the city the Keen Eyed Flunky met with the sharpest end of a sword during the panicked days after the death of The First Queen. Happily the city has become more civilised since then.

3) The Noble Architect. He funded the walled garden and oversaw the installation of the fountain. His design for the first few houses became the standard across the city. The design of the city appears natural or organic but strictly adheres to the principles laid down in his documentation. The city is the only in the region to contain an Architects Quarter.

4) The Trader. Samuel was a trader blighted by scandal in life and in death. Not a day passed when an anonymous note denouncing him as this or that wasn’t nailed to a door in the tower or debated in the gardens of the tower. It’s often rumoured that it was Samuel’s sharpest sword that bit into the stomach of the Keen Eyed Flunky. There are other rumours about Samuel, rumours that add a little spice to Samuel’s reputation, others that were clearly devised by traders who had lost out in a deal to him. Samuel only stayed a few years in the city before vanishing; this only adds to the enduring enigma.

The Residents currently number 14400 exactly.


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