Advent Challenge

Every advent I try & challenge myself to do something creative. A few people may recall the slightly successful Advent Dress Up Challenge I did a few years ago.

(No? Each day I dressed up as a different nativity character only using objects in my flat & took a self portrait)

The rest of the set are floating around somewhere & stuff got interesting for me as I ran out of nativity characters. (When you’ve seen one tea towel shepherd you’ve seen them all)

So, this year my advent challenge is in two parts:
1) Write a series of blog posts about stuff. (I’ll define it as I go. Let’s see where the mood takes us & ignore that scrapey noise the barrel makes & enjoy the festive season.
2) Finish the story challenge set by Nick Drew last Christmas in time for New Year. Oh lord, that’s going to be difficult but hopefully I’ll have momentum behind me & it’ll be fine. No plot? No problem.

I haven’t worked out an elaborate system of forfeits yet… Something will strike me (or a friend will suggest something).

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1 Response to Advent Challenge

  1. kate Goodall says:

    “On the first day of Christmas…” should give you plenty of scope 😉

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