Weekly Blog Club Post: Thankful


This weeny little note written on my phone can’t possibly bring together all the stuff I’m thankful for. As with every list I ever write it instantly becomes invalid as I think “No, but wait..!” It was absolutely right for 22:23 on the evening before Thanksgiving. (or as we call it in England: Thursday)

Knowing there’s only the space one picture allows meant I chunked up the list. Stuff I assumed you knew I’d be thankful for moved onto my “always grateful for list”: my next breath, sunlight, family, health (such as it is), food in the fridge, water in a tap, an indoor toilet. These things all deserve their place on the list as they all induce deep thanks in my heart but you’d probably roll your eyes.

The sunlight thanks isn’t me relishing sunny days & walks on the beach; that’s being thankful the sun actually rose this morning.

Other stuff I’m thankful for seems too esoteric or whimsical to be thankful for:

The works of Jeanette Winterson.
Birthday trips as a teenager to London.
Mr Griffin reading Animal Farm out loud at school. (#spoiler: I wept when Boxer died)
Mr Collins giving me the role of Scrooge in sixth form.
That my Mum & Dad can make me laugh.
That life wasn’t confined to Calne.
That things got better.
That I get to be who I am; unashamed, unafraid, open & true to myself.

Honestly, the naysayers, rumourmongers & petty minded can take a seat. This blog is my corner of the internet: if you don’t like it, if it offends you or it scares you, you don’t have to read it. In the past I’ve only been strengthened by negativity. If you’re not sure you like what’s here now; come back in a few days, something new will be here. Still don’t like it? Click a few links, the internet is as wide as it is diverse; you’ll find a good documentary about a duck that imprinted on a tortoise or monkeys that ride on the backs of dogs eventually.

I’ve got things I want to say, things I need to say. (Yes the punctuation & grammar could do with tidying up)

Today I want to say this: Thank you.

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