Advent 08: ABC Things- Thing Three

(I know what I said yesterday about not wanting to discuss what goes on in the privacy of one’s own home but… let’s pretend I didn’t say that)

Imagine you can hear the Sex and The City theme music playing. Plus you also need to imagine these words appearing letter by letter. Ready… ok, here we go…

The issue of gay marriage (but for this blog post I’m going to call it what I prefer to call it: marriage equality) raises passions like no other issue seems to. The majority of people across the UK political and religious divides favour some kind of legal and social recognition for gay couples.

Over the last twelve months I couldn’t help but wonder what would it take for our approach to this issue to become redemptive rather than divisive?

(You can stop imagining the theme music now. And wouldn’t sex and the city be a different show if Carrie Bradshaw wrote columns about this sort of issue rather than asking “Are men in their twenties the new designer drug?”)

I’m in favour of marriage equality. I’d like to see marriage redefined to include gay couples. (And before people start writing headlines, Henry VIII redefined marriage when he created the Church of England in the first place) I don’t think holding that position means I’m trying to destroy other people’s marriages, I’m trying to strengthen the institution of marriage by adding to the number of married people. Do you need the stat that says half of marriages end in divorce? Straight people, you’re not doing so well with protecting those marriages. Let’s get other people involved.

Forming families, traditional or not, is good for the soul.

How can disagreement on this issue be constructive rather than destructive? How can my desire to one day have the choice to get married (rather than civil partnered) be such a destructive thing?

As usual Stella Duffy has written far more eloquently than I could about this issue. Go read her blog post about equal marriage.

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2 Responses to Advent 08: ABC Things- Thing Three

  1. Anne Waites says:

    I don’tagree with this one… I am not a religious freak at all, church is usually B,D & M. I was brought up with a religious background and think that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. For me it always will be. This does not mean that I have homophobia or anything. I have no problem with people living their life however they choose, but I don’t think that a marriage is a right of gay or lesbian couples. Thank you, in advance, for reading this.

    • Ben W says:

      Sadly you’re on the wrong side of history on this one. Marriage is being opened up to LGBT people legally, state by state, country by county. It’s a great thing to watch.

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