Advent 09: ABC Thing Four

Please notice that I started with schism and then worked back from there. These aren’t demands I’m making and then saying “if I don’t get these things then I want the church to be remade” I’d like to see the church remade AND these things to be introduced.

On the issue of female bishops and marriage equality I’m willing to entertain the idea that Biblical writers (on these issues) could be wrong. I’m probably not the best person to get into a conversation about Biblical inerracy with. I struggle with how the bible ended up looking the way it does, how people voted on what could and should be included in scripture and how it was used as a way of hedging out groups that didn’t fit their worldview. My own personal reading of scripture is (metaphorically) with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. And the bottom line really should be that Christians are honest and say “I read the bible in the way that makes me happy”.

I’d love my Thing Four to be an agreement by Christians to continue reading their scripture in a way that is authentic to them but promise that their words and actions coming from that time of reflection will do no harm. I know my Thing Four will put a lot of televangelists, opinions for hire and the BBC Sunday Morning Live programme out of business but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take. I’d like to see people of faith return to the Golden Rule. (That link takes you to Karen Armstrong’s TED talk about restoring the Golden Rule)

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