Advent 10: ABC Thing Five Point One (and Five Point Two))

Rebuild the church after allowing it to fragment. Find a way to authentically relate to an increasingly secular society. Allow same sex couples to celebrate their relationships formally and informally as part of church communities. Encourage church leaders and church communities to re-embrace the Golden Rule in all that they say and do.

I thought Five Things would be easy. I thought I’d count them off one by one. Then I found a couple of items competing for the space.

Female Bishops. I’d like to see that happen, thanks. Maybe the Synod should keep voting until they get the answer everyone seems to want.

There seems to be a disconnect between the concerns of “ordinary church folk” and the people at the top who have access to the collected media microphone. There seems to be a collective #facepalm moment most times the church leadership speaks. And yet, these same people are capable of truly prophetic deeds that cut across the swirl of media. (cf John Sentamu’s dog collar, John Sentamu visiting the location of a massacre in a South African Mine, John Sentamu’s tented peace vigil. I can admire his actions whilst absolutely condemning his views on homosexuality)

So I have two Thing Fives. I’m cheating and I’m not sorry.

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