Advent 20: Obama

Having followed the Republican primaries through the year & picked over swing states, polling data & position points I decided I would stay up all night & watch the results roll in.
I booked the following day off work. I bought in sweets, snacks & treats.

I had the TV on mute on CNN & would switch to the BBC coverage every so often, the laptop had MSNBC & twitter running in different windows. I was my own little media centre. I had even been supplied a colour in sheet for the state by state results. I had red & blue colouring pens.

I vividly remember from the 2008 election night watching Gore Vidal get grumpy with David Dimbleby. It was electrifying. This election night didn’t have anything like that. The closest we got to that was Karl Rove refusing to believe that Obama had won the election on Fox News. (It’s a beautiful moment if you’ve not seen it)

I was pleased Obama won, I wasn’t a weepy hope filled mess like I was in 2008. My first feeling was “Thank goodness, now I can go to bed”. He’s got a mandate & he can get on with governing.

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