Advent 21: Lightmoor Book Club

I’m really proud of Lightmoor Book Club. It grew out of a conversation between three Lightmoor residents on twitter (Me, Sharon and Jake).

Me: I miss going to a bookclub. I used to organise one in Birmingham and it was awesome. Why can’t there be something awesome like that in Lightmoor?

Jake & Sharon: Why don’t you organise something in Lightmoor?

Me: <whinge> But there isn’t anywhere to hold it! </whinge>

Jake and Sharon: Why not use your house or the Oak Tree Centre?

Me: <whinge> But no one will want to come! </whinge>

Jake and Sharon: We’ll come to the first session. When is it?

Me: Oh. Er. January? End of January. Wednesday closest to my payday.

And that’s how the book club was born. A whingey me lamenting my own lack of organising a book club being gently poked to organising something by two generous neighbours. The nice thing about book club is that we’ve not rocketed to a huge group that would be unmanageable, we’re comfortably hovering around ten to fifteen members. For me the really special thing is the buzz I leave with: two parts inspiration, two parts sugar high. We’re gathered from across the country (one dedicated soul comes from Preston to Lightmoor on a monthly basis to attend the group) and we have differing taste in books (just look at what we’ve read in the last 12 months and you’ll see we are widely read. Apart from the Mark Haddon blip) and yet we’re a great little community within a community.

The book group goes from strength to strength and I think one of the reasons why is that we don’t demand long term commitment from people. You can just turn up if there’s a book you want to discuss. The welcome is just as warm for someone that has turned up to every meeting as for someone that only comes along once. There’s always a cup of tea and some kind of cake based item. (If you haven’t read the book you can always listen to the discussion and enjoy the cakes)

The book group doesn’t have aspirations to change the world but we’re bringing people together who under normal circumstances may have never met and that’s something incredibly special.

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