Advent 23: Lightmoor Bricks.

Looking into the history of Lightmoor has been a fascination for me since moving to the village. It’s been nice as I mention to friends locations around where I live and their faces light up with recognition. It’s usually that they studied the Industrial Revolution at school and the place names rekindle little gems of knowledge. (And let’s end this silliness, Ironbridge is the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Not Gornal, not Dudley, not Birmingham but Ironbridge. End of.)

Jon (who set the terms of the Advent Challenge) particularly wanted bit of history about Lightmoor. I also think he was hoping there’d be something about Lightmoor Bricks in this set of 5 blog posts. Well, Jon, just for you…

At the risk of sounding like a GCSE History Exam paper the Industrial Revolution happened where it happened because of a series of quirks that created just the right set of circumstances. Geology, topography and a spark of entrepreneurism. The glacial boulder clay, coal, ironstone and sand deposited in the Gorge have been used to make iron, bricks and tiles in the area for generations.

The tiles and bricks made in the area are sought out the world over. Michael Portillo made a train journey through Telford and stopped off in Ironbridge to make a tile the traditional way. The Ironbridge Tiles are used in the Houses of Parliament.

Lightmoor Bricks have been used all over the area. In creating Lightmoor Village BVT resurrected the Lightmoor Brick design and added their own bit of flair to it. People that had bought their houses off plan could add the brick to their house for a little extra cost. I’ve not looked too closely but I’m not sure if any of the new houses used the design.

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