Looking back at the Advent challenge

The Advent Challenge was one of those well thought out not really very well thought out ideas.

I had an idea I’d quite like to do five days about commuting & then five days that were book reviews. I didn’t fancy reviewing the whole year so wanted to pick five significant dates. Those ideas meant I was well on the way to the magic 25.

Jon Hickman came along, shook things up a bit & got me thinking about stuff I think about all the time but without noticing it. The posts about what I wanted from the new Archbishop of Canterbury were genius & ended up being deeply topical. I hit schedule on the post about marriage equality in the morning on my way to work & the government only went & announced their response to the consultation about marriage equality. Then Stella Duffy wrote her post (& that went deeper & wider than I had, it was the sort of post I wished I’d written but I wanted to ask the question about detoxifying the conversation) & I ended up rewriting the post three times in one day.

It’s been a useful discipline writing every day although a couple of times I’ve ended the day feeling like I’d run out of words to write and speak.

Some posts were frighteningly easy to write (My letter to Santa flowed from me very quickly & could have been reputation destroying) & others (Lightmoor History) have been more difficult to write, hitting schedule in the morning with a sigh. Morning writing is easier. (although this post is being written just before 11pm)

A year ago I took on a challenge from Nick to write a children’s book one chapter at a time published each month. That didn’t quite happen the way it was planned (restarting after you’ve stopped is difficult, doubly difficult when people keep telling you how much they’re looking forward to it. Plus I’ve discovered that prose dialogue is complicated to write. I hear it in my head but struggle to translate to the page) but I’m hoping that honouring that challenge before 2013 arrives will be ok.

Despite everything pro-bloggers will tell you publishing content every day doesn’t suddenly drive new visitors to your blog, actually, I’m quite happy not being a superstar blogger. My blog is a great place to try out ideas, answer challenges & crystallise an idea, grasp the shape of it & turn it over. I’m one of those extroverts that will often grasp what they think about an issue as they’re talking about it. That’s what I see this blog as.

There are some who think it’s disgusting to see a gay man be so open, unapologetic & settled in who he is & if that scares them I must give them nightmares & they must keep coming back to the blog for another hit of pure disgust. If you do, drop me an email, I’d love to meet you!

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1 Response to Looking back at the Advent challenge

  1. Shanon says:

    “Looking back at the Advent challenge | The Blog By
    Ben Whitehouse” definitely enables me contemplate a tiny bit extra.
    I personally treasured every individual part of this post.
    Regards ,Iona

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