I appear to have lost myself down the sofa for a bit but I’ve wrestled control back of my blog and I’m here again.

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One Response to Whoops

  1. April Evans says:

    Hi I was looking at the Gateway website and saw yours down the page. I was saddened to hear the comments from the churches ie none came out and stood up for what the Bible says, that homosexuality is a sin. Presumably they would welcome you and find out more about you and maybe tackle the issue with you face to face.
    Anyway, I believe that you are wrong in your belief that it’s OK to be gay and be a Christian. There are many passages in the Bible which show that homosexual practice is wrong. If you want to enter into a dialogue, I’m very happy to do so.

    Just in case you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, I was in a same sex relationship for many years in great agony battling failure time and time again. I finally got the victory, The Lord has healed my emotions and the Holy Spirit has filled the empty spaces. Now I am free and the fellowship I have with Him and with other charismatic Christians is beyond words to tell.

    The love I felt for this other person was very strong indeed..so powerful…and yet I had no peace and discovered you can’t win against God. His Word is a rock and He won’t bend for us…but He will help us to overcome. One of the best things He did for me was to give me straight friends who knew my past yet loved me just the same.

    I’m probably in the minority but hopefully you’ll consider what I’ve said and go to the Bible…it’s our only guide for right living.

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