A photo of Benji taken at the Roman Forum in Rome 2011.

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. Really glad to welcome you here.

I should point out that I’m NOT the talented landscape painter or the UNYA Youth representative. I also don’t work for Jisc.ac.uk

I’m also a bit sorry to the talented landscape painter & the UNYA guy as there might be people looking for this Ben Whitehouse and they find them instead. Sorry. Sorry.

If I’m not any of those people (and there are days I wish I was…) who am I?

I’m 34 35 and I live in Gwersyllt, Wrexham. I grew up in Wiltshire, set out for university at the age of 18 and haven’t really stopped moving since then. I’m proud to be ginger. I’m very proud of who my parents raised me to be. They did a sterling job with this one. (They also did rather well with my brother and sister)

I work in local government. I’m a member of the local Labour party in Wrexham where I live. I’m gay. I’m also a Christian. I’m a bit of a lefty.

I tweet my train commute as: @benjionthetrain

I wrote a rather nice set of Train Communting Pro-tips.

Find my Freedom of Information Requests on What Do They Know and my profile on Fix My Transport

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