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In praise of reading aloud (and some tips for the fearful)

I absolutely support the call by James Patterson and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall for more parents to read to their children. My Dad read to me when I was a kid and it didn’t harm me at all. I … Continue reading

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What on earth are you doing here?

I read lovely Jon Hickman’s post on Paradise Circus about how he ended up in Birmingham. It’s a lovely bit of writing. I like Jon. I like how he writes. I’d like him to write more but, you know, he’s … Continue reading

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Advent 13: That Was The Worst Christmas…

That was the worst Christmas I: I returned home for Christmas on Christmas Eve. Christmas with my family runs along traditional timings that we’ve developed. There’s a wonderful familiarity knowing that Christmas Eve I can expect a roasted joint of … Continue reading

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Advent Challenge Update

The Lovely Jon Hickman suggested some structure to my Advent Challenge. I was thinking of dividing the month into groups of five. Jon took the liberty of naming the fives. 1) Five Favourite Reads. (I’ve taken that to mean books … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog Club Post: Thankful

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This weeny little note written on my phone can’t possibly bring together all the stuff I’m thankful for. As with every list I ever write it instantly becomes invalid as I think “No, but wait..!” It was absolutely right for … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog Club: A guide to recognising my influences.

Jay Brannan has recently released a new album, Rob me Blind. It’s treat, Jay always delivers meaningful, thoughtful lyrics that can take you from a smile to tears and back again within a chorus. One of the songs on the … Continue reading

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T&W Council re Broken Block Paving.

After waiting several months for the broken block paving at Wellington Station to get fixed and putting in an FOI request earlier in the month to find out about the process of what went wrong with the report being picked … Continue reading

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One week to go… (or Wellington Station Car Park Neglect)

I know some of you are waiting for Chapter Two of my as yet unnamed story for young adults and I promise it’s on the way. I’m playing my own waiting game at the moment. On the 26th of October … Continue reading

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World Book Night or Giving The Apocalypse Away

Last year I joined in the great book giveaway & gave away copies of Toast by Nigel Slater a wonderfully visceral autobiography that’s as much about food we love as about growing up different in Wolverhampton. (I love how Nigel … Continue reading

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The Big Bang

Everything starts in one place, one white hot moment of potential, everything wrapped in on itself. Then, here, tomorrow, last week, some day and never: all pressed against the glass of everything and jostling for a release. A split moment … Continue reading

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Living on a Prayer

Been duelling 100 word short stories with Tom. Here’s one I came up with. I offer it with no commentary.

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Benjitales- an explanation

I’m starting a new ongoing series of blog posts this month. Benjitales. On Christmas Day evening I noticed that one of the people I follow on twitter was scouting about for a challenge for 2012. I also noticed that @nicktheowl … Continue reading

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