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Looking back at the Advent challenge

The Advent Challenge was one of those well thought out not really very well thought out ideas. I had an idea I’d quite like to do five days about commuting & then five days that were book reviews. I didn’t … Continue reading

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#weeklyblogclub My favourite rites of passage and what they say about me

I prepared for this blog post. I drew a mind map with “rites of passage” at the centre and spiraled off from there. I divided rites of passage up into four main sections- Marriage rituals, death rituals, social initiations and … Continue reading

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Chapter Three: Leviticus

Extract from A Visitors Guide to The City. This short guide is provided for all visitors to the city. It contains practical advice and information to make your stay within the walls of the city enjoyable and to ensure that … Continue reading

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Chapter Two – Exodus

The guards at the gate grunted as they slid the wooden bar into and locked it into place. To the nearest urchin one said: “Boy, take this key to the tower and give it to one of the servants there. … Continue reading

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Chapter One- Genesis

Epigraph: Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers One hundred million angels singing Multitudes are marching to the big kettledrum Voices calling, voices crying Some are born and some are dying It’s Alpha and Omega’s kingdom come- When The Man Comes … Continue reading

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Benjitales- an explanation

I’m starting a new ongoing series of blog posts this month. Benjitales. On Christmas Day evening I noticed that one of the people I follow on twitter was scouting about for a challenge for 2012. I also noticed that @nicktheowl … Continue reading

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My first gay bar: The Carpenters Arms

The first gay bar I ever went to was Canterbury, Kent. It was the autumn of 1997; just a few weeks after the death of Princess Diana. I’d just started at university on top of the hill at the University … Continue reading

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Literature Workshops at Greenbelt. #GB11

The literature programme at Greenbelt is offering a number of practical workshops for writers through the weekend.

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Stuff I’ve written elsewhere…

I am blogging, honest… Bollards– for Lightmoor Life. Why I’m excited: Jari Moate for Greenbelt Blog: Why I’m excited: the festival community for Greenbelt Blog World Book Day for Greenbelt blog.

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Give a book to a child…

The post I wrote about Michael Gove’s policy idea around ensuring children of 11 read 50 books a year had an overwhelming response. Thank you for the comments and the pingbacks and being generous with your time. I had more … Continue reading

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Letter to my teenage self.

I wrote this letter back in 2008 when I was taking part in an online game called SF0. I was reading another blog (wavey davey) and he talked about writing a letter to a younger version of himself. Through some nexus … Continue reading

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My reply to “Gay Law goes against God’s will” in the Shropshire Star.

Here’s my letter to the Shropshire Star (in case it doesn’t get featured in the paper). Dear Sir or Madam,   Trevor Mytton in Shrewsbury does not speak on my behalf as a resident in Shropshire, a Christian in Shropshire or … Continue reading

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