Comments Policy

Experience from my previous blog has enabled me to come up with my own rambling comment policy for my blog.

Comments policy

So why would I edit a post or a comment? It seems a good time to explain my very loose policy, such as it is. It’s summed up in the words ‘relevance, discussion, politeness’ but if you want more, see below.

If you don’t leave a name or an email address I’ll delete your comment. Simple.

Either stand by your comments or don’t bother to comment.

If you know of a page elsewhere which is relevant or leads off on a related tangent, please let everyone know: linking in comments is encouraged!

I’d also appreciate comments being on–topic. If they are funny, fierce, or quirky, fine, no worries. But they have to be relevant to the substance of the post, even if just in one line.
But if a comment doesn’t actually comment on the post, or isn’t relevant within the thread of comments, I will edit it to ‘flag’ it as such. In its intent, this is similar to the modding systems run by sites like Slashdot and others.

It goes without saying that if I make a zany, random post, zany random comments will be fitting. They may not be fitting elsewhere, though.

There’s a difference between passionate, involved, even short–tempered comments, and insults. If you insult me or a fellow visitor, your comment will be deleted. It’s happened before. Use your common sense. ;)

A very loose comments policy if ever there was one. But why have one in the first place? Well, the thing to emphasise is that comments from anyone are always welcome. But I do, after all, post about things that interest me to give an overall ‘shape’ to the blog. My thoughts on people’s comments are an extension of that. Simple.