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Here’s what happened when I emailed all the churches in Wrexham telling them I was gay & wanted to join their church.

One day I won’t have to write about faith and sexuality. I don’t see that day coming any time soon but I can hope. This post isn’t going to investigate the theological in/out, shake it all about around the interpretation … Continue reading

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My first gay bar: The Carpenters Arms

The first gay bar I ever went to was Canterbury, Kent. It was the autumn of 1997; just a few weeks after the death of Princess Diana. I’d just started at university on top of the hill at the University … Continue reading

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Shrewsbury Pink Picnic: 23rd July, Quarry Park, Shrewbury

Summer has quickly rolled around and the Pink Picnic is almost upon me. Too often I’ve heard friends saying that Shrewsbury doesn’t feel like a welcoming place for LGBT people and the tone of some of the letters to the … Continue reading

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Growing up Gay (or Gay Maths)

There a lot of anger surrounding an article by Melanie Phillips swirling around on twitter. I’m approaching this issue as 1) An ex-secondary school teacher. 2) A full time homosexual. (C’mon Ben, you were doing so well at being serious) Every … Continue reading

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Birmingham Gay Village Mural: Open Competition

Submissions are now being invited for the “Shout” lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer cultural festival in Birmingham, England in November 2009. A concept design is sought for two murals to be located within Birmingham’s Gay Village area. The murals … Continue reading

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Would Jesus Discriminate?

 “Would Jesus Discriminate?”. It’s an interesting question. It’s a question you have to ask yourself before even asking it to someone else. And you also have to be really careful who you ask to to as you’ll provoke all sorts … Continue reading

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Sexuality and the workplace

Lord Browne never wanted to go public about being gay. This week, a messy court case outed the BP boss anyway. Why does it seem that we still have a problem with homosexuality in the workplace? I’ve had several jobs … Continue reading

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Desert Island God.

I recently asked a number of friends a few basic questions about me that they should really know the answers to. (What is my eye colour- that sort of no brain question- greeny blue by the way) Some of the … Continue reading

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