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#GB11 Literature Talks

Here are all the literature talks bundled together in one place. Go buy them all. Advertisements

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Greenbelt Writers Network- Bringing the creative community together through the year.

Greenbelt isn’t just a great festival, it’s also a wonderful melting pot of fantastically creative people. One of the sessions on the Literature Programme is a session marked “Greenbelt Writers Network”. Here’s some thoughts I’ve written about what I think. … Continue reading

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Literature Workshops at Greenbelt. #GB11

The literature programme at Greenbelt is offering a number of practical workshops for writers through the weekend.

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Greenbelt 2011: My Literature Picks.

If you’re coming to the festival may I be so bold as to offer a couple of literature picks for your consideration through the weekend, obviously everything on the literature programme will be interesting and inspirational but these are a … Continue reading

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“The gift of words…”

I write lots of reviews of books/DVDs on Amazon. Some of them are a bit hit and miss. Stuff I’m indifferent to gets treated with just a few words. The stuff I really love or really hate tend to get … Continue reading

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Give a book to a child…

The post I wrote about Michael Gove’s policy idea around ensuring children of 11 read 50 books a year had an overwhelming response. Thank you for the comments and the pingbacks and being generous with your time. I had more … Continue reading

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World Book Night.

(I keep reading World Book Night as World Boo Knight) On Saturday 5 March, a million books will be given away across the UK in the first ever World Book Night. I’m one of the lucky people chosen to give … Continue reading

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The 100 favourite fictional characters… as chosen by 100 literary luminaries

This is an old post from the Independent that I stumbled across this morning. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/the-100-favourite-fictional-characters-as-chosen-by-100-literary-luminaries-526971.html A couple of lovely examples stand out. God Chosen by Michael Marshall (The Lonely Dead)Polymorphic, unpredictable, unaccountable; omnipotent yet negligent, kind yet vicious. Suitable to … Continue reading

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Looking Back at Looking Sideways or “How I Got There”.

Being asked to write a “While we were here” post always throws my own personal thread of approaching Greenbelt blog posts usually an A –> B process. A being the blog post that bigs up what I’ve booked and then B … Continue reading

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There may be 7 stories…

But according to Jeanette Winterson there’s only three endings to our stories. 1) Revenge 2) Tragedy 3) Forgiveness  And the faux Hollywood happy ending (but that doesn’t count). She’d be so good to come to Greenbelt. Wonder if we can … Continue reading

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One hundred stories, One hundred days.

I’ve been thinking about various literature based projects that can extend the Greenbelt experience throughout the year. We’re moving into book reviews, poems and short stories for the Wing and Prayer, the booklet that goes to volunteers and angels. I subscribe to … Continue reading

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Yearning for home.

I’m looking for book/play suggestions where one of the main themes is yearning for home. Yearning can mean what you take it to mean. Home can mean what you take it to mean. Obvious suggestion is “The Wonderful Wizard of … Continue reading

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