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Lower those expectations, Benji

I’ve been wondering what it would take to trigger a slightly gloaty “I’ve moved house” post. I didn’t think it would be a grumble about how my new local council “does social media”. The #wmgrit hashtag is a great amalgamation … Continue reading

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Advent 24: The Furnaces and the Squatter Cottage

The historical bit of the Advent Challenge has been the most difficult. Raw facts and information are difficult for me to process, I need a story to hang the context on, I need an experience to hook me in. Ironbridge … Continue reading

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Advent 23: Lightmoor Bricks.

Looking into the history of Lightmoor has been a fascination for me since moving to the village. It’s been nice as I mention to friends locations around where I live and their faces light up with recognition. It’s usually that … Continue reading

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Advent 17: A one man crime wave

Yeah, I know, a slightly misleading post title… I’m not quite a one man crime wave but rather this year has been a difficult year for dealing with a number of homophobic hate crimes in various guises. (This post also … Continue reading

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Advent 16: Trains, Delays and Overcrowding

And now we move into the next set of posts: Significant Events in 2012. I’m going to try and move through the year in some kind of sequential order but I’m not going to try and address universally significant events. … Continue reading

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The Gay Agenda

I’ve been meaning to blog about this art project by Randy Roberts Potts. I like that Randy says he “grew up 50 feet and a million miles away from firebrand televangelist Oral Roberts”. He’s out and on a mission of … Continue reading

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An Evening with Kevin Maguire and David Wright MP

Info from Telford Labour Party: Friday 5th October – 7.30pm Elephant & Castle, Dawley High Street http://www.elephantdawley.net Kevin Maguire, Associate Editor of the Daily Mirror, Tory baiter and all round good guy¬†in a ‘no-holds-barred’ conversation with David Wright MP over … Continue reading

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#digifutures12: Question for the crowd.

This is a question for attendees of the digitalfutures conference (or anyone else that fancies chipping in too, you’re more than welcome). A few of the talks today touched on community engagement, community involvement & better communication with local residents/communities. … Continue reading

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#weeklyblogclub: On Family.

Several people made the joke about how the first rule of weekly blog club is that you don’t… yeah, I don’t need to repeat it. So… the theme for this week’s weekly blog club is family. Rather than dipping into … Continue reading

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Shrewsbury Pink Picnic 2012: 21st July, Quarry Park, Shrewsbury.

Image by Scott MacLeod Liddle via Flickr It’s raining outside and it’s been “one of those summers” so it means my thoughts turn to the Pink Picnic in Shrewsbury. Last year the first Pink Picnic was a creative and inclusive … Continue reading

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Organising a Tweetup

I thought I’d blog a few thoughts & tips on organising a tweetup. I’ve extensive experience of organising events in Shropshire & in Birmingham. (I also accidental organised tweetups in Oxford but didn’t realise that what I was doing had … Continue reading

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Good Friday #tweetup.

Chatting last night after the Lightmoor Village Residents Association meeting and we informally planned a tweetup for 7pm on 6th April at the Foresters Arms in Horsehay. No agenda. People may like to bring a board game or a pack … Continue reading

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