Twitter Suggestions.

Here are a few people who make my experience on twitter all the richer (these are presented in no particular order):

nikkipugh – Nikki is a maker, creator and game player extraordinaire. She is a joy to spend time with.

sabfrancis – A fellow cheese lover, activist and avid telly watcher. Sabrina was a student leader during my time working at the Guild of Students at Birmingham University. She is, quite literally, the dream.

jimhawkinsshow – Jim is the BBC Radio Shropshire host of the morning show. I frequently find myself nodding along to the music, disagreeing with comments and, from time to time, appearing on the show to espouse my views on life and the universe as I see it.

stellduffy – Stella Duffy is a performer and writer. I saw her in the Improbable show Lifegame. I love her books and she’ll be appearing at Greenbelt in 2011.

jrmckay – I first met James through the local Labour Party in Edgbaston. He’s a keen political mind with a deep care for his local community and is an inspiration as a father.

jonhickman – Jon is a bit of a genius. He’s very witty, wise and wonderful. His chat about his work as a lecturer at BCU is awesome (and I understand almost all of it), he chats about being a Dad too (which is always funny).


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