Makers make the world

I’ve already listened once through to the BBC Radio 4 Podcast Series a history of the world in 100 objects.

I love the series for it’s incompleteness, it’s bias and the lengths that Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, goes to enable the listener to “see” the object without actually seeing it.

A few of the objects provoked me to wonder why they were in the British Museum rather in the place that originated it. A few of the episodes directly address that.

My adoration of the podcasts is the hymn of love for the makers, crafters and artisans through the ages. Makers made the world, they enabled concepts to be marked, language to develop and stories to be shared. Over and over again the progression of humanity is nudged a little bit further forward by someone crafting something. Clay pots, papyrus, clay tablets, credit cards, jade swords… The podcast are a wonderful thing. I may not see myself as a maker/crafter but I know people that are and always seek to encourage their work.

(I know I’m late to the party listening to these podcasts and relistening now seems a bit strange but these are available indefinitely)

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