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Here’s what happened when I emailed all the churches in Wrexham telling them I was gay & wanted to join their church.

One day I won’t have to write about faith and sexuality. I don’t see that day coming any time soon but I can hope. This post isn’t going to investigate the theological in/out, shake it all about around the interpretation … Continue reading

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#GB11 Literature Talks

Here are all the literature talks bundled together in one place. Go buy them all.

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My reply to “Gay Law goes against God’s will” in the Shropshire Star.

Here’s my letter to the Shropshire Star (in case it doesn’t get featured in the paper). Dear Sir or Madam,   Trevor Mytton in Shrewsbury does not speak on my behalf as a resident in Shropshire, a Christian in Shropshire or … Continue reading

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I met a Secret Millionaire

Only it wasn’t, you know, a secret. Last year I was visiting my brother’s church in Basingstoke and a lovely lady with curly hair got up to talk about herself & share a bit of her journey. Someone leaned over and … Continue reading

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Transcript of @Jezc’s hour on the Plinth.

Where / is indicated this means the next speaker speaks over the lines of the previous speaker. Trafalgar Square, 10pm. Jez, wearing a grey flat cap, granite grey t shirt and blues jeans, is slowly lowered into view on a … Continue reading

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How do you keep in touch with your spiritual life?

I’ve mercilessly ripped off the question from here. For me it’s an interesting question as I often get asked by people, why do you continue with your faith. Particularly when a senior member of the Church of England says that … Continue reading

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I’m going away on retreat from this Friday, given the busyness and stuff going on over the last couple of weeks I can’t wait for a weekend away from the usual rush, bustle and clamour. Bit of silence, bit of … Continue reading

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Would Jesus Discriminate?

 “Would Jesus Discriminate?”. It’s an interesting question. It’s a question you have to ask yourself before even asking it to someone else. And you also have to be really careful who you ask to to as you’ll provoke all sorts … Continue reading

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Ten Commandments

Why ten? Moses went up a mountain to get his. I live on the 15th floor of a tower block. The whole thing doesn’t really correlate really. Why can’t I make up my own? Shush. I’m having a go. On … Continue reading

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Jesus: the Smallville years.

One of the many things I kept on and on about during my trip to Israel were the various accounts of the Childhood and adolescence of Jesus. Am a big fan of there being a Jesus version of Smallville knocking about. I … Continue reading

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The Missionary Position.

So… here’s a confession: I used to be a missionary; a proper travelling missionary zipping round Europe and Eurasia working with students, enabling them to share their faith whilst sharing mine. I know that will sound like one of the … Continue reading

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Here’s something I wrote about faith for the greenbelt blog about a billion years ago. Thomas Merton said “faith is a matter of questioning and struggle before it becomes one of certitude and peace”. (As always someone else got there … Continue reading

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